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What games do you play?

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Hello! other then ATS and ETS what games do you all play, I am in need of new games and would love to see what everyone plays. For me I often play Dota 2, G MOD, CS:GO and ballons monkey city

FIA European Truck Racing Championship is a surprisingly good racer, though it’s not going to appeal to all due to the fact that it’s about racing big heavy trucks rather than the latest sports cars.

Maybe I'm biased since from the racing genre I prefer drift the most to anything else but if there's no drift option in the game, like in this case, to me the given game sucks. So I won't even bother

i'm getting on a bit in years *still in my late 40's but time is taking it's toll* 🤨 , so now the fps games i used to play have lost their appeal because of my slower reaction times , so now i generally play The isle, Magic arena , and Heros of the storm , my days of boom headshots have gone sadly 😪

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