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VTC billboards ads

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Suggestion Name: 

Billboards vtc ads


Suggestion Description:

VTC's could promote theirself with hiring a billboard in cities. For example 2 billboards in Brussels for 5€/month. 

The ad will be a picture linking to imgur or a dedicated website, so it only will be downloaded and shown when the trucker is in the neighborhood of the billboard. 


Any example images: n/a


Why should it be added:

TruckersMP could have a little extra money (depending on how many billboards their putting for sale/hire) and VTC's can promote theirselves. Also it wouldn't be taking a lot of server resources if it's technically possible stream the ad instead of downloading it locally.

This is only a win-win scenario.

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We have already started thinking about doing something using billboards in-game, though it initially wouldn't be related to VTCs. This can of course be expanded to VTCs in the future though. However for now, I will reject this suggestion.



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