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in itself it's a wonderful update, with the Fmod you will change the simulation by making the sounds of the world and trucks more realistic; and in itself the new trailers are great as they give more variety to possible loads and paint configurations; but in itself I also have a kind of unease at the moment progress to 1.37, because if you have used the beta, the horns are distinct and homogeneous, so in areas like C-D, I don't know what that will be like situation, in addition to the needs of a little tricky to deal with the Scout theme; but let's hope it all goes well and we can enjoy the 1.37 on TMP.

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i try it out for the whole day .... close to 16k kilometers ....   just as it is now its awfull ...simply awfull.   


this suppose to be a garage??  it looks more like a QC station of a big Paintshop .... normal RAL colors are turned to shiny like a mirror ... there is as good as no difference if RAL or Metalic  thats a pitty. 


the whole thing is changed to be just loud and noisy but that about it.... to me the trucks sound as bad as they are before. 


modded sounds like open pipe or cummins are simply cut off ...  engine sound is at 100% and its sounds like its at 10% 


the echos under bridges and in tunnels sound totaly off and unrealistic  ... you got a lot of open space on the highway and a tiny little bridge echos like the truck would pass youre livingroom ...  geez  what a fail ... 


lowable windows ??? who the fu.... need that garbadge ???   there are more urgend things to fix then this.   anyway i stick the cam out of the window with the glass still up as before ... so whats all the fuzz about it ?? 


the food cisterns are all good and sh..  but what about to have enogh jobs for it ???    i made 3 jobs each and dont get any anymore after ...  again a fail .... 


beeing forced to doubletap each job to start it sux.  


the new gearbox layout make them Truck slower ..... way slower ....  8 tons feels like 50 tons this way ... it takes over a minute to reach 80kmh on a even part of the road with a 440 ps  engine .  


the garage gates got a loop bug 


thanks god you get the option to turn this madness off for good.   i hope there will be an option to turn the new garage off and use the old one instead. 


there are to many things im NOT looking forward to this time ...   




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