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TruckersFM commands in-game


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Suggestion Name: 

TruckersFM commands in-game

Suggestion Description:

As TruckersFM is now a TruckersMP partner, I'd like to see the following commands in-game
(This is dependent on TFM having a public API, I assume they do)


/tfm - Tells you who's currently presenting, what song is currently playing

/request <songname> - Allows a user to send a song request in without having to leave the game

/shoutout <message> - Allows a user to send a shoutout!

/lastplayed - Show the last played song on TruckersFM, useful for if you catch the end of the song, and wanted to know what it was.


Why should it be added?:

I feel this should be added to help reduce the amount of people hitting the tabbing out error where the Steam overlay sticks if a player would like to view TFM info.

This would also be essential in long convoys, if a player would like to view what song is playing while driving in a convoy, instead of having to pull over, with this suggestion they can just use /tfm and the current presenter and song information will be displayed to them in chat, resulting in happier truckers!

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