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DLC Synchronization



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Suggestion Name: DLC Synchronization

Suggestion Description: I think it would be interesting to sync the DLC for those who do not have them, that is, I can see all the DLC (exept map DLC) of the other players without having to buy the DLC, but in turn, I need that DLC to apply it to my trucks or trailers. It is something like Battle Royal games, which you can see what others buy their character but you have to buy it so you can use it.

Any example images:



Why should it be added?: In my opinion I see it necessary, since in my beginnings I had almost no DLC and it bothered me to see low-poly trailers with an all black texture, or other trailers that said "Buy DLC trailer pack", see trucks without a grill, or lights nonexistent. I think if someone, for example, buys the DLC of a particular paint for trucks it is for the rest to see.

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