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[ARCHIVED] [14th May 2020] China Tianhe 3rd Anniversary Activities

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I really hope that all players can participate in our activities.

Name of the event: the third anniversary of the establishment of the China Three-Man Club

Event Date:2020.05.14

Set time: UTC 10:00 a.m.5397.1573441444.jpg.008011c5b1b4259211ac7ddfcb95b70e.jpg

Start time: 12:30 pm UTC

Roadmap: https://ibb.co/QkYJ4yr

Related links to the event:https://ets2c.com/view/85134/luxembourg-hotel

Top speed 150km /h

Keep your distance from other trucks to prevent collisions

Skoda may not be used except for activists.

Reversing or overtaking is prohibited except for active personnel.

Event Team Tags: Event Team

The activity team can block the way

The race team can drive.

Race teams can overtake in the opposite direction

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