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[ARCHIVED] [16th May 2020] Polish International Convoy

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It is a convoy organised by VTCs SzachMat!, Coffee-Spedition and Eddy Logistics, which aims to unite not only Polish companies but also foreign ones.






Date: 16th May 2020

Meetup: 17:30 UTC

Departure: 18:00 UTC

Start: Tarent, Italy

Finish: Calais/Dover Port




Server: Event Server


Communication: Due to the size of this convoy, communication will take place only via CB Radio / Chat in the game














§1 Convoy column ignores the traffic lights and STOP signs.


§2 The convoy column is a privileged column and even when getting out of an subordinate road has priority over vehicles driving on the main road.


§3 The pilot may order the convoy participants to perform an activity that is normally considered prohibited e.g. use a lane to drive in the wrong way.


§4 We use the lane determined by the pilot when driving on multi-lane roads


§5 We keep a safe distance behind the player in front. Be aware that the driver can lag and stop in front of us at any time


§6 We do not overtake other participants of the convoy without the consent of the group pilot. This point does not apply to the pilots themselves and other persons protecting the convoy.


§7 The speed of the group travel is set by the pilot. Usually it is 80 km / h on dual carriageways, 70 km / h on single carriageways

and 50 km / h in urban areas. Heads of companies which have different types of restrictions in their regulations

as to exceeding a certain speed, they are obliged to inform their group pilot about the fact before start.

Regardless, every convoy driver should be able to develop a minimum speed of 90 km / h on an even, flat road.


§8 Each participant in the convoy is required to have a truck with a standard length semi-trailer. The use of truck without trailer or scout car is allowed for convoy staff only.


§9 Warning lights (beacons) are used only by convoy staff


§10 There are no breaks during the convoy. Each participant must be able to cover the entire distance without refuelling,

or leaving the computer.


§11 Overtaking during the convoy is allowed only once the Convoy Staff agrees.


§12 Skoda cars (Pilot utility vehicles) are only available for approved Event Staff and Game Moderators (and above). Anyone using the Skoda vehicles who does is not considered one of the listed (event staff, Game Moderator) will be kicked from the server immediately.


§13 Parking is recommended in places designated before the convoy for a given company.


§14 The use of heavy haul trailers are not allowed in our convoy.


§15 On the route, follow the instructions given by Convoy Control.


§16 Event Staff and Game Moderation have the final say, you must follow their directions.


§17 No Truck without Trailer is allowed.


§18 Blocking any road by ordinary participants is prohibited.


§19 It's a VTC event, so only members of invited VTC's can attend.


§20 Event staff or a Game Moderators only may drive on the wrong side.


§21 All other TruckersMP rules apply.






For more information please contact one of the following;





- @[C-S] karol_domag

- @[C-S] Spat91


Invited VTCs:


oXLPtWk.png  1580069828.jpg 5E9gf8R.jpg caXZyVR.png

25N2SCU.png h9t4Wz4.jpg UbqR6Zf.png 8F7gZrS.jpg sK8FCjb.png mW6kTPD.png 1585082180.jpg 

1559659635.jpg 1508684037.jpg 12221.1584490333.png jSke8EC.jpg 1582532068.jpg

1485485688.jpg orzeltrans.png&key=fa93b5f96299fe7e180b6 Projekt_bez_tytuu.png newtonlogo.jpg&key=8c5f42fc05e9816f6b40e hk_trans.jpg VTCAufAchse.jpg 15780891_1190005967755114_84000171287361  1573545047.jpgiexpres.png  POLEXPRESS.png truckerspl.jpg


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