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[ARCHIVED] [18th April 2020] VTC.World Birthday

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We are pleased to welcome you to the open convoy in honor of the anniversary of the VTC.World Birthday



Start: 16:00 UTC 

From: Marseille

To: Псков




More details: https://vtc.world/cp/events/view/?e=674C61E22EAE38F3&lang=en


Temporary rules


General rules:
— Event organizers and TruckersMP Game Moderators will send messages in the chat with information throughout the event. You should pay attention to those.
— Voice communication with the event organizers will not be provided throughout the event.
— The order of the players in the convoy will not be regulated.
— Overtaking in the convoy or otherwise cutting in line by any means is prohibited.
— Freeroaming or leaving your spot is prohibited unless you need to get fuel or visit the service station.
— In order to respect others, you should unload one at a time. In that sense, you should wait for the person ahead of you to finish the delivery and clear the area before proceeding with yours unload.

Server rules:
— Follow all TruckersMP rules. In the event that a rule mentioned below contradicts a TruckersMP rule, the rule mentioned below would take priority.
— Overtaking, driving with your beacons on, using a car, or driving without a trailer are all prohibited.
— HTС trailers, double-hitch trailers and heavy loads are not allowed to be used.
— Some roads may be blocked by the event organizers or moderators of TruckersMP. The rules mentioned here do not apply to them.


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