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[5th October 2020] The first anniversary celebration of Hengding team and 4.0.4 team.

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Theme: the first anniversary of Hengding team and 4.0.4 team!

It's a great honor that the two teams were established on the same day. Fate made us meet, and become brothers. The number of daily combined transport is no less than 60 times. We are like a team, chatting, and love to transport goods on the European Truck Simulator 2.

One year has passed. We are happy to welcome one year!

The activity route is: https://ibb.co/xc7smvx

Picture: https://ibb.co/9pk1hrv

Starting time:10:00 UTC

The time server is:https://ets2c.com/view/85170/hd-zjc-praha-sea-port

Welcome to join us1409B19F90F845E7B064084E6CB2077A.thumb.png.02f3222440ce3f823f008b1c9e29c39f.png

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