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I prefer to drive with friends, so one is always accompanied by friends and you are not alone while doing the loads, but it does not mean that I do not like to drive alone, it is also good to drive on

When I drive I see many who belong to different VTC's and others who are lonely driving through the game, what kind of person are you ..... driving with your business peers [VTC´s partners] ...... or

I prefer to drive alone or with a maximum of two friends, as no VTC can live up to my standards in regard to realism.

Guest JackSparrow

I'm always looking for a VTC, if I feel so, but none of them are actually comfortable for me. I drive on my own, sometimes with friends. It's enough for me to listen to the radio (TruckersFM) and I'm good.

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I drive for Viva but I don’t really ever do convoys etc. It’s not my thing. Being part of a VTC for me, just adds a bit more of a reason to do those jobs. I have way too many hours and therefore too much money In the game so being in a VTC just adds a purpose. Besides Viva only wants you do do one 200+KM job every 3 months.

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I prefer single.

VTCs members always have a lot of restrictions and unpersonalized in-game name, tags, paintjobs and trucks, and even avatars.

Also, single players without VTCs can also join official and community convoys and even more, it is possible for us to drive with friends and "unofficial" convoys.


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Single.  I drive very often alone, very rarely that someone drives with me

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