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Newo [CZ]

[ARCHIVED] [ 26th April 2020 ] B&Č Transport's First Public Easter Convoy

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🐇 Description 🐇

Welcome to our first event. As some of you may know, Easter celebrations are coming.
Maybe someone of you didn't hear about Easter. It's an event, where people are commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from death.
So we decided to create this event to celebrate it with you!

🐇 Event information 🐇

⏰ Time - 12:00 UTC

📅 Date -  26.4.2020

📍 Departure - Bratislava

📍 Destination - Rotterdam

🗺️ Convoy Route - https://bc-transport.eu/convoy/leaflet.png

🔖 DLC - None

🐇 Important links 🐇

📑 Attendance - https://ets2c.com/view/85067/newo-bratislava-truck-dealer

🎙️ Discord  - https://discord.gg/V7aUyk4

 ℹ️   Website - https://bc-transport.eu

📌 Slots      - https://forms.gle/4PAhNNp6LNo7A3MF9

🐇 Rules 🐇

1. Follow TruckersMP rules
2. Only Event Staff can use cars
3. Convoy control staff is able to use beacons
4. Overtaking is ONLY allowed if the person in front is lagging badly or if they are passing a crash.
5. Convoy Control, Media and event staff can block roads at junctions to keep the convoy on the right route
6. Trailer must be parked in Trailer Dump before departure
7. You have to obey staff decision
8. You have to keep some gap from other truck to avoid collision
9. No free roaming for players exception of Convoy Control, Media and event staff.

🐇 Event Manager 🐇
🎙️ Discord  - Newo#3399
📧 Email - [email protected]

We look forward to your attendance !

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Greetings everyone 👋🏽

Since we have started planning of this convoy, we did not anticipated such a big attendance at all. You guys amazed us 😲.


Due to high player participation and several requests, we have added some new slots for you to choose from! You can find them at our Discord server or at our Slot booking form.


Again, we would like to thank you for your interest. There's not enough thanks for such a great community as you surely are ❤️.


With regards,
B&Č Transports Event Manager & Event Supervisor

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