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Hot topic #20: What music do you listen to in-game?

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Any of my Spotify playlists. But mainly heavy metal!!

I only listen to the music of the truck engine. 😁

I always listen to radio, I have a vast and preferred list, ambient music, jazz, road musics, rock and sometimes ACDC  to give that power that we need, and conversations on various topics that are ver

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I used to listen to TFM on a daily basis, but I ended with many issues with YouTube because I was listening to TFM while doing GM stuff, and we all know that YouTube doesn't like licensed music, even if it's behind horns, people yelling at the CB and trucks sounds. :thisisfine:


Since a year now I always listen to my personal playlist on Spotify filled with trance and electronic music and on every Thursday evening, like ~40 millions people, I listen to the weekly episode of the State of Trance radio show.


For example, here's last weeks episode:

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