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[11 July 2020] Scania China Fourth Convoy

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Scania China Fourth Convoy


Hello Everyone,


Welcome to the Scania China‘s Fourth Convoy.


As you all know,Scania is one of the truck brands in ETS2 and thanks to everyone who love to drive Scania on the road.And we'd like to have a drive with everyone who love Scania.That's why we organzie this event and want to share our love with the community.We want to you to join us on 11 July 2020.We will explore some of the most beautiful roads and incredible views on the base map.So no DLCs required.


Event Information:

  • Event server opens: 16:00  PM Shanghai (11 July)
  • Event server closes: 01:00  AM Shanghai (12 July)
  • Convoy start:  20:00  PM Shanghai (11 July)
  • Starting Location :Mannheim,Hotel
  • Destination: Calais,Port
  • DLC: No DLCs Required
  • Route: https://imgur.com/nmTf9S0
  • Time Zone: https://notime.zone/M1Q_CeAkamVTr





Hope to see you there!😁


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6 minutes ago, [T.C.S]\006\gaohan said:



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3 hours ago, [T.C.S]\006\gaohan said:

Can you tell me the contact information of Scania China,我想知道联系方式


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