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restricted zone Stein quarry road Kirkenes

Space Night

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Suggestion Name: Restriction of doubles, heavy cargo on Kirkenes road

Suggestion Description: Auto kick system like the western Germany and Netherlands with doubles and heavy cargo trailers on Kirkenes Quarry Road

Any example images: can be provided later.

Why should it be added?:
Players taking heavy cargo pack loads, High power cargo pack loads and doubles onto the Kirkenes quarry road (the one where you turn right off the Kirkenes to Murmansk road) is causing a problem with regards to traffic there.  Its a narrow road with a lot of hair-pin bends which are barely wide enough for 1 truck to pass, let alone 2 Finnish HCTs or a heavy trailer with something like the locomotive on it.  Furthermore, the traiilers of the Heavy Cargo pack are so low to the ground they get stuck all the time and cause the road to back up, sometimes all the way from the mine to the Murmansk road!

This restriction is to apply only to the quarry access road only, that goes down from the Murmansk road.  As Kirkenes is part of Norway, so 25.25 doubles are perfectly legal in Kirkenes town and the roads there are okay for them.  Players just need to learn to park sensibly by the port exit


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