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ATS - List of Achievements

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Hello all,

today I have here list of all achievements related to American Truck Simulator.


Source is https://truck-simulator.fandom.com/wiki/ - but I hope it will be okay. ;) 


latest?cb=20160218093236 California Dreamin' … Discover every city in California

Note: Visiting Ukiah and Santa Maria does not count because they were added in later versions.
latest?cb=20160218093121 Sea Dog … Deliver cargo to a port in Oakland and a port in San Francisco
latest?cb=20160218093758 Cheers! … Deliver cargo from all 3 vineyards in California
latest?cb=20160218092631 Warming Up … Drive 10,000 miles during deliveries
latest?cb=20160218092322 Rig Master … Buy your own truck
latest?cb=20160218093655 Company Collector … Perform deliveries for at least 15 different companies
latest?cb=20160218092834 High Five … Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fines, in-time) for a job that is at least 600 miles
latest?cb=20160218092526 Cha-Ching … Earn $100,000 delivering cargos
latest?cb=20160218093017 Final Makeover … Fully upgrade one of your garages
latest?cb=20160218093723 Not a Problem … Successfully park a trailer at a delivery point
latest?cb=20160218092439 Like a Boss … Successfully park a trailer at a hard delivery point
latest?cb=20160218093330 I Think I Like It … Finish 50 deliveries
latest?cb=20160218092727 Pimp My Truck … Buy and apply a custom paintjob
latest?cb=20160218092228 What's Your BMI? … Use a weigh station
latest?cb=20160218092125 Gas Guzzler … Use a gas station
latest?cb=20160315184434 Silver State … Discover every city in Nevada
latest?cb=20160315184258 Gold Fever … Deliver cargo to both quarries in Nevada


Arizona DLC


latest?cb=20160620165902 Copper State … Discover every city in Arizona
Note: Visiting Clifton does not count because it was added in a later version.

latest?cb=20160620170008 Sky Harbor … Deliver Cargo to the Phoenix Airport

latest?cb=20160620170052 Start Your Engine! … Get on the start of the Truck Racing circuit

latest?cb=20160620170126 Powell's Trail … Visit the Colorado River sights


Heavy Cargo Pack DLC


latest?cb=20170627165931 Time for Big Hauling … Deliver first Heavy Cargo Pack job

latest?cb=20170627165930 How Heavy Am I?! … Use truck scale or weigh station with gross vehicle weight of at least 170,000 lbs

latest?cb=20170627165929 Heavy, but Not Bull in a China Shop! … 
Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fine, in-time) of a cargo from the Heavy Cargo Pack which is at least 1,000 miles long

latest?cb=20170627165928 Bigger Cargo, Bigger Profit … Earn $100,000 on 5 consecutive Heavy Cargo Pack deliveries

latest?cb=20170627165930 I Thought This Should Be Heavy?! … Complete a delivery of all heavy cargoes in American Truck Simulator


New Mexico DLC

latest?cb=20171108114308 The Land of Enchantment … Discover every city in New Mexico

latest?cb=20171108114313 Truck Stop Tour … Visit all large truck stops and rest stops in New Mexico

latest?cb=20171108114257 Forest Shortcut … Discover shortcut through the forest

latest?cb=20171108114251 1881 … Drive by the Billy The Kid Museum

latest?cb=20171108114303 Sky Delivery … Deliver cargo to An-124 depot


Oregon DLC

latest?cb=20181003143325 The Beaver State … Discover every city in Oregon

latest?cb=20181003143327 Uplifting … Travel across the New Youngs Bay Bridge


latest?cb=20181003143329 Lumberjack … Deliver cargo from all timber harvest sites in Oregon

latest?cb=20181003143330 Travel Oregon … Discover following landmarks of Oregon: Crater Lake, Crooked River Gorge, Thor's Well and Yaquina Head Lighthouse

latest?cb=20181003143332 Cabbage to Cabbage … Complete a delivery of vegetables over Cabbage Hill


Special Transport DLC


latest?cb=20181105174300 Size Matters … Successfully deliver a Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time

latest?cb=20181105174323 Go Big or Go Home … Complete deliveries on all oversize routes in current map

latest?cb=20181105174356 Get (to) the Chopper! … Successfully deliver a Helicopter Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time

latest?cb=20181105174425 One, Two, Three - Breathe! … Successfully deliver an Air Condition Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time

latest?cb=20181105174458 Big in America! … Deliver all Special Transport DLC cargoes


latest?cb=20181105174518 Your Dumper Has Arrived! … Deliver all three parts of a disassembled dumper: Haul Truck Hull, Huge Tyres, Haul Truck Chassis

latest?cb=20181105174530 Home Sweet Home … Successfully deliver a Turnkey House Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time


Washington DLC


latest?cb=20190605183252 The Evergreen State … Discover every city in Washington

latest?cb=20190605215543 Steel Wings … Deliver a cargo to an aerospace company in Washington

latest?cb=20190605215539 Keep Sailing … Deliver a boat to a marina in Washington

latest?cb=20190605215545 Terminal Terminus … Deliver a cargo to both port terminals in Washington

latest?cb=20190605215542 Seattle Mole … Drive through both Seattle tunnels

latest?cb=20190605215552 Ferry Tales … Use a ferry to cross the water

latest?cb=20190605215541 Over the Top … Drive through the forest road to timber harvest in Bellingham

latest?cb=20190605215546 Travel Washington … Visit Mount St. Helens, Grand Coulee Dam, Mount Rainier


Forest Machinery DLC


latest?cb=20190627133909 Logged-In … Complete delivery of all Forest Machinery DLC cargoes

latest?cb=20190627133943 Leave No Branch Behind! … Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fines, in-time) of at least 3 Forest Machinery DLC jobs


Utah DLC


latest?cb=20191101152315 Beehive State … Discover every city in Utah

latest?cb=20191101152323 This One Is Mine! … Visit all mines & quarries in Utah

latest?cb=20191101152317 It's Something … Find a sign that says "nothing"

latest?cb=20191101152321 Some Like It Salty … Take a job from each company located in Salt Lake City

latest?cb=20191101152319 Pump It Up … Deliver 5 frac tank trailers to any oil drilling site in Utah

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