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[25th July 2020] The BHF Event

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The BHF Event


The Charity


The British Heart Foundation was founded in 1961 by a group of medical professionals, who were concerned about the increasing death rate from cardiovascular disease. They wanted to fund extra research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart and circulatory diseases. It is a major funder and authority in cardiovascular research, education, and care, and relies predominantly on voluntary donations to meet its aims. In order to increase income and maximise the impact of its work, it also works with other organizations to combat premature death and disability from cardiovascular disease. The British Heart Foundation’s main focus is to fund cardiovascular research, aiming to spend around £100 million a year funding scientists around the UK. They are currently funding over 1000 research projects. This charity means a lot to me as I lost a family member in April 2019 due to a heart issue.


Event Information

Date: July 25th 2020

Route 1: Frankfurt - Calais

Route 2: Dover - Amsterdam

Route 3: Amsterdam - Szczecin

Route 4: Szczecin - Kosice

Route 5: Kosice - Baasov

Route 6: Baasov - Pirdop


Useful Links

Discord - https://discord.gg/sAzfgAq 

ETS2C - https://ets2c.com/view/84872/vexus-frankfurt-hotel



Event Rules:


Unless changed below, all TruckersMP rules must be followed throughout the convoy

- No overtaking the convoy, everyone will reach the destination.

- Participants must use trailers throughout the event. Event staff/media are exempt from this rule.

- During the truckfest, you must park in the designated slot that your VTC has booked. if your VTC doesn't have a slot, make sure to book one. If not, your VTC must park in the public parking.

- ONLY event staff and game moderators have the permission to use cars throughout.

- Free roaming is not allowed on the server. If caught, you can be kicked.

- You MUST follow what the event staff are saying at all times.

**  - providing we get an event server


Modified TMP rules (if allowed)

§2.3 - Blocking - Event staff are allowed to block with their vehicle

§2.4 - Incorrect Way* - Event staff and event media can drive incorrectly down the road

§2.5 - Reckless Driving* - Event staff and event media are allowed outside of the map boundaries






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Just now, TFM_Flaming said:

Wow! I did not expect to have another BHF event so soon! I hope this one is even better then the last one! Good luck Vexus!

Thanks @TFM_Flaming. Hope to see you there!



11 hours ago, Gullbrann said:

Good luck!

I will ofcourse be there ❤️



See you there @Gullbrann!


12 hours ago, Beep Boop Coming Through said:

Will be there! :D


Hope you enjoy the convoy @Beep Boop Coming Through!


12 hours ago, Spig_Xiao Zhu said:

July? Am I right?:troll:It's a long time before the activity starts,This BHF event is a good activity,I'll be there if I have time that day!good luck!:LUL:

Yes aha! Hope to see you there @Spig_Xiao Zhu!


1 minute ago, Nathan7471 said:

Great Event, will definitely be there :)

Great to hear @Nathan7471:)


20 hours ago, Raymond_ said:

All the best with the event, I shall be there. 🚚

Thanks @Raymond_! See you there!

  • Love it! 1

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On 3/3/2020 at 2:43 PM, Decrypted Blaze said:

Good luck hope i can be there too


Thanks! Hope to see you there! @Decrypted Blaze


On 2/23/2020 at 5:07 PM, 18Wheeler (CC) said:

Good Luck With This Is Event I Will be there also as Event Staff As Convoy Control


- 18Wheeler

Thanks for helping out! See you at the event! @18Wheeler (CC)

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