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[ARCHIVED] [2nd May 2020] 4th Anniversary SpedV (2/2) ProMods

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Dear TruckersMP-Team,

The VTC system FPH-SpedV celebrates its 4th anniversary this year. As community manager it is therefore my task to organize a convoy. Since we have a high number of users and accordingly already have a high number of registrations, we need an event server for this event. It's the same procedure as the last request, only with the difference that this convoy will run on the ProMods. It's a second Event to celebrate our 4th anniversary.

The rough procedure (regarding the duration of the server):

The meeting of the participants starts already at 16:00 UTC (18:00 MESZ) and the line-up from 17:00 UTC (19 MESZ).
Due to the quantity and the planning for the implementation, this will take some time, but the Convoy-Security ConSec we requested will implement it with us as soon as possible.
Nevertheless, about 1 hour are planned for this.
The convoy will leave around 18:00 UTC (20:00 MESZ) as planned.
Due to the number of possible participants we are aware that the convoy is not progressing too fast, so I have taken more time to plan accordingly.
I assume that (like last year) the convoy will run about 3-5 hours. After the convoy there will be a big action for a final picture. This will also take some time.

The rules of our Convoys you can read here: Convoy rules

Yours sincerely



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