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How to become a manager?

C N A __01_Vic.


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Hey, @Mudanjiang01


now, recruitment of TruckersMP is Add-on Team, Support Team, Event Team and Community Moderator.


If you want, apply here


I hope to see your positive future :)



TeamAudi VTC Manager,

Chemistry - Verified VTC Manager, Past Master Trucker

TeamAudi Assistance Leader

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Add-On Team Recruitment: OPEN

Community Moderator (Forums, Discord, Social): OPEN

Event Team Recruitment: OPEN

Game Moderator Recruitment: CLOSED

Media Team Recruitment: CLOSED

Support Team Recruitment: OPEN

Translation Team Recruitment: CLOSED


You can apply for open positions. Apply


Also you can read this topic.


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您好 @Mudanjiang01

Make sure you meet the requirements!!


apply here





Best regards,

xxTH3 B3STxx_TMP




Languages:Chinese | English

中文板块 | 游戏规则 | 中文帮助招聘 |

Chinese Discussion | Rules | HelpRecruitment |

需要某些帮助,还是找不到解决方案?在这里联系支持团队提交支持单  !

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Hello there @Mudanjiang01 :) 

As explained above, you cannot join the TruckersMP staff team straight into a management position, you have to work your way up from roles such as Support, Community Moderator, Trainee (Leading onto Report Moderator and Game Moderator roles).

To apply for a role, please make your way to 
https://truckersmp.com/recruitment to see which roles are currently recruiting. 

For more information regarding how to become a staff member, see the following articles: 

Kind Regards,
Callum Johnson,
TruckersMP Game Moderator.


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Hello, @Mudanjiang01


First thing you need to do is see if you meet all the TruckersMP requirements for the division you want to become apart of.

Then you will need to apply for the division you want to be then just wait for a reply back if you don't make it just try again next time.

then if you get on the team and you do a good job at it you will eventually become a manager.


Apply Here to join the team.


Hope this help you 😁


Best regards,



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It is not easy to become officer.

You need to be active on forums, be in touch with community.

You need to hard work to become admin.

And admin is not just driving police car, admins don't event have time fro driving cars, they need to check reports and so on.

So, be active and don't be reckless in game and one day, maybe you will.

Also, to become admin you need to join the TruckersMP team in other rank (Support, Community Moderator) and then someone can promote you if he/she sees that you are good working.


And there are occasional open hires for game operators but it has recently ended so it may not come back for a while. One thing to keep in mind when applying is that you need no ban in the past year and for a total of no more than 3 bans. If accepted, I don't think you become a game mod right away but you become a trainee, report the moderator, and then the game mod.

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Hello there,


Since you got the answer, i will go ahead and move this topic to solve topics. 

If you have anymore issue in the future, feel free to contact us again 



TruckersMP - Trial Support 


//Locked and moved to Solved Topics 

    TruckersMP - Support     


Language: English

  Support System | Knowledge Base | TruckersMP Rules | Feedback System

 Remember stay positive ❤️



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