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Midnight Trucker

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2 hours ago, Midnight Trucker said:

I took a look at the TMP Merchandise and wondered if anyone has bought any.. I haven't bought anything yet, but I would love to see what Merchandise you bought, post your pictures below!


If you don't know how to get Merchandise, Click here. :)


Yeah I bought the Mug and TMP5 Hoodie last year. The mug I havent touched as I fewel it's too precious to use lol. The Hoodie is actually quite comfortable. 

Here's some pictures.



8fb02bf1fafea38f873ceb6ef2226049.jpg92bcef82cbafa0707d3fee0d4236930a.jpg a3d2934c4a45ddf3629673efaf8f8f99.jpg


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Firstly, thank you for creating a thread on our forum. Sadly, it has been 14 days since the last reply.


For the reason stated above, I must lock and archive this thread to keep our forums organized.


Kind Regards,
Community Moderator


//Locked & Archived.

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