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Game crash after delivery!


 I recently installed trucksmp on  my new computer and tried to play multiplayer. I had an initial crash when driving randomly, and now it seems to let me get to the delivery, chose what parking I want to do and as soon as it syncs with world of trucks the game crashes before letting me see the stats, it's happened three times now. I don't have American truck installed or the multiplayer. Any suggestions? Thanks 

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Following the steps below, you can solve your problem:

1. Uninstall TMP via windows

2. Open regedit. Search Truckersmp and delete every result

2.1 Open regedit and now search ETS2MP and delete every result

3. Manually delete any TruckersMP's folder created when laucher was installed

4. Download TMP laucher again

5. Install TMP laucher AS ADMINISTRATOR


I hope it works for you too.





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Hello @Tribalpower222,


Have you checked for any graphics card driver updates, because that is the easiest thing to check. And as already said twice above, you should check for the integrity of the game via Steam by going into the Steam library and right-clicking ETS2 -> Properties -> Check integrity of game files. You could also try to run the game in Administrator mode by right-clicking on the game or TruckersMP Launcher (If the crash occurs while playing in Multiplayer Mode) and click "Run as Administrator". Another thing you could try is, if you have MSi Afterburner installed, closing all the Programmes related to MSi Afterburner via the Task Manager. To open the task manager you have to press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" and choose "Task Manager". There you have to look out for the main MSi Afterburner Application and the RTSS (RivaTunerStatisticsServer) Servers and then close them all. Try that combined with running it in administrator mode please and see if it fixes the problem.


I hope I could help out with this.



Kind regards,

- Inklink

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