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[ARCHIVED] [24th May 2020] AHL 2 Year Anniversary

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AHL 2 Year Anniversary Sunday 24th of May 2020


Alpha Haulage Ltd. Will be turning 2 years old in April 2020! Due to there being a lot of events due in April we will be organising our event in May to hopefully ensure no clashing of other events occurs.


Event Times & Schedule (In BST):


17:00 Event Server opens and Event Staff present

18:00 Truckfest Start

18:30 Truckfest judging commences

18:40 Truckfest winners announced

18:45 Collect trailers

19:00 Route 1 start

21:30 Route 2 start


Truckfest Awards:


Best VTC Attendance - Heavy Cargo DLC

Best VTC Paintjob - Actros Tuning DLC

Best VTC Formation - High Power Cargo DLC

Best Public Truck Paintjob - Krone Trailer DLC


Route Information:


Route 1:


No DLC required

Start: Mannheim, Quarry

Finish: Geneva, TradeAux




Route 2:


Vive la France DLC Required

Start: Geneva, TradeAux

Finish: Clermont, TradeAux




Other Information:


Server: AHL 2 Year Anniversary

ETS2c Link: https://ets2c.com/view/84640/aek177-mannheim-city

Event Discord: https://discord.gg/Hef23Gx

AGN Discord: https://discord.gg/bJsMeJN

Slot Booking has been closed due to all slots being taken!



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Thank you to everyone that attended and took part.

It was a successful event and on behalf of Alpha Haulage LTD, we would like to thank everyone that came.


I hope you all have a great rest of your day/evening/night.

Hope to see you sometime soon again!


Kind Regards,


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