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What is your favorite route?

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9 hours ago, Caernage said:

Liège-Brest ( Idk why, maybe cuz that remember me my holidays in real life )

I mean that’s not a bad route!!

8 hours ago, GökBörü Emre [19] said:

First of all hello.

My favorite routes is Stavanger - Oslo, also thin road to the right of Limoges. And all the roads in the vive la france. Of course there are more beautiful roads. The beauty of these roads can vary from person to person. 

Yes; this is a very scenic route. Nice choice!!

5 hours ago, Reaper9518 said:

Hello, my favorite route is Calais and Duisburg, Milan and Uppsala.

Of course everyone loves Calais and Duisburg, I do like your second choice though :) / Happy Trucking 

1 hour ago, JamesS014 said:

I have 2 favorite routes.

Calais - Duisburg (and  back)

and in  ProMods - the quarry road.

I do like the quarry road, to be honest with you I don’t have a favourite route - Happy trucking!

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My absolute favourite drive is the small narrow mountain road that runs across Central Italy from North of Rome across Terni to Pescara. Some absolutely amazing views to be had. Even on a full Simulation 1 sever, you probably won't see anyone along there, either! 


All the best;


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17 hours ago, [ÖZ DOSTLAR] ONAT - 24 said:

Oslo-Bergen. Lovely scenery. 

Yes, this is a great route!

14 minutes ago, LetiFreshi said:

The Calais - Duisburg road for sure!

Driving trough Scandinavia is also pretty nice though. I guess these two are my favourites.


If course you'd say the Calais to Duisburg road, loads of people love it due to it's popularity 

49 minutes ago, Gullbrann said:



I really like the route Bergen - Oslo.

Its because it got some really nice views and roads to drive on. Its also in Norway, where I live :D

King Regards;

Not a bad choice to be honest man, i quite like this route as well but it's not one of my first choices :) - Happy Trucking!

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Firstly, thank you for creating a thread on our forum. Sadly, it has been 14 days since the last reply.


For the reason stated above, I must lock and archive this thread to keep our forums organized.


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