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Official Convoy - Sunday 26 January 2020

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As always, TruckersMP has done a nice Convoy! Thank you TruckersMP Team! ❤️


It was my first official convoy in ATS. I have to say that the convoy was more fun und relaxing than any other official ETS2 events I've done before.

In my opinion the players in ATS are more calm, considerate and freindly.


I especially enjoyed the convoy at the end at the truck stop in Salina when it was full of trucks and the american's spoke over CB (I like americans speaking english 😉).


See you at the next one truckers ✌️.



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On 1/22/2020 at 10:02 PM, DJ Jefferz said:

The event has dedicated staff to deal with these issues. If you have an issue of being rammed you in this instance use the in game reporting system. The staff will look at the report and take the appropriate action. You should also do this for overtaking. Make sure you select the correct reasons so the GM knows what's going on.

I can take care of rammers with video evidence and website reports, but since overtaking during events is usually only worth a kick, reporting them on the website is useless and would only add more useless reports in the system, or am I wrong?

In-game report system is nice, since there is whole bunch of staff present to look at the reports, but there is usually also many players near me, and I am having hard time scrolling through the list of 30+ players, looking for the violators and driving safely at the same time. It's just me, others may find it easy enough.

While they dont hit anyone, they still disrupt the convoy and block everyone behind them as they try to merge back in.

Yesterday was great, like is the standard for all official ATS convoys, except for a group of 5 people, seemingly members of the same VTC, who just had to overtake me and several others, yet they would get stopped in a traffic jam anyway few seconds later, and I could still see them in front of me while arriving at the destination.


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