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Who Is Ready For What Is Next... IDAHO

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a friend of mine grew up in that area in the north near a lake.He went home for chrismas and was sending me pictures of Idaho. I thought it would be flat and featureless. Like Indiana west of Toledo. It was gorgeous and I could instantly see why someone woudl spend their whole life in Idaho. I hope they capture some of that areas beauty. I feel like they will based on previous relases.

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Hello there,

Certainly, I look forward to Idaho. The main reason for this is that the Idaho DLC borders up to 4 other states: Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and will perfectly complement the map. This will make the trip even more exciting to players & and it won't be boring. From the southwest of the map I will be able to take different / additional routes to the northwest (and vice versa).




Additionally, I am also looking forward to new truck: Freightliner. Cascadia was first announced by Community Manager SCS Software 24 September 2018 (as teaster) & published (listed for the future) on the studio forum: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=178&t=260993#p987442. There are currently only 4 truck brands in American Truck Simulator, so each subsequent one is important and valuable.



I would also like event World of Trucks only for ATS in this year. I perfectly remember event "Operation Big Sur" it was great time. In my opinion the best World of Trucks event and I hope that this year will be something that will attract so many players. Usually, there are not many players on ATS servers, but the event causes a very large increase in interest.


Have a nice day & Happy Trucking

MarkON (player-Veteran Driver)

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