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Ds4 Windows or Steam



hello guys i think the topic says it all, what program should i use for benefit?? in steam im afraid that my controller goes out of battery and i crash into people, and with ds4 windows i dont know how to make it rumble, or which is better, i got a ps4 controller and a bluetooth, please help me :D


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Hello @Mircea97,

If you are worried about your controller running out of battery mid-game, then I would go for DS4Windows.

Regarding you being unable to get the rumble or vibration, take a look at this reddit post, it might help you:


Let me know if this helps.


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Hey @Mircea97

I used to use DS4Windows for my DS4 Controller, however since Steam has upgraded their controller integration I found it to no longer be neccessary. The steam overlay allows you to control EVERYTHING about the controller, I have a few double bindings with long-press on a few buttons, I changed the reaction curves for the sticks to make driving through long curves less twitchy and in general I think Steam does a great job of integrating the DS4 controller. I suggest you look into how it works, it's pretty easy and plug and play.


As for the battery problem there doesn't seem to be a solution for that with Steam - but you just have to look out for that and connect a cable in time I guess.

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