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Finish Tag in Event-Request Tab


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Suggestion Name: As the title.

Suggestion Description: I would like to add "Finished" tag to the Event Server Status in addition to Under Investigation, Rejected, and Accepted.

Any example images: 


【 Original 】



【 Suggestion 】




Why should it be added?: 

Many VTC representatives or event managers request an event server to make events easier and more efficient. 

When the event manager requests the event server, the Event Manager, the TMP Staff, checks the server application box and confirms the primary.

After that, the Game Manager considers Temporary Rules and decides whether to open the event server.

However, after the event ends, the Forum Topics will go to Archived but will remain Accepted for the event server.


If additional finishes are created, the event server will be easier to manage. It will also be convenient for those who sign up for the event server.



TeamAudi VTC Manager,

Chemistry - Master Trucker

TeamAudi Event Manager

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