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Wikipedians on TruckersMP

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Purpose of topic

I have decided to make this topic to create awareness towards the Wikipedia community here on TruckersMP, since the English-language Wikipedia is a large encyclopedia with 38 million registered users, including 1100 administrators as well as nearly 6 million articles, and so there could be a large number of TMP users that might be Wikipedia editors as well, or who have experimented with editing Wikipedia.



I have an extended confirmed Wikipedia account with nearly 750 edits as of this posting to my name. The main height of my editing on Wikipedia was in the early stages of my inactivity in TMP, in the summer of 2016 where I was mostly engaged in vandalism-reverting as well as participating in deletion-related tasks (such as listing pages for speedy deletion by Wikipedia admins), and I was about to work towards gaining the "rollback" user-right, the equivalent of the community moderation and game moderation teams here on TruckersMP. 


I do still sporadically edit Wikipedia from time-to-time on topics unrelated to SCS games, with one of my ongoing ambitions being to focus on content creation for UK local election results.


As a university student, I mostly use Wikipedia to engage in the editing of articles rather than for gaining general knowledge, since Wikipedia is not reliable research material for essay assignments or the like. 



Have you ever been interested in Wikipedia editing and if so, what made you want to take part in Wikipedia editing, what are your present areas of interest editing Wikipedia and how did you feel being part of the Wikipedia community? This doesn't have to be on the English Wikipedia, you can talk about any language Wikipedia project. 

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