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Alliance Transport - We're Back!

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Alliance Transport Group
Want to be part of a brand-new VTC?
Alliance Transport are recruiting Drivers, and you could just the next person to join our team.
Established January of 2020, Alliance Transport is one of the newest VTC's of this decade, and we want you to join our journey across Europe, and America.

So, what are the requirements?



 - Members must not be part of any other Virtual Trucking Group
 - Members must be aged 16+
 - Members must have an active Discord Account, to converse with our team for events etc.
 - Members must have a working microphone, for convoys etc.

 - Members must be an active member on VTLOG for job logging purposes.
 - Members must have a legitimate copy of ETS2 / ATS.
 - You are permitted to have up to **2 bans** on your TruckersMP profile.
 - Your ban history on TruckersMP must be visable.



If you are banned from TruckersMP, you must inform a member of Management immediately, any more than 2 bans, and your position may be questioned.


Want to get involved?
Apply via Discord - https://discord.gg/cPpKg9V
Visit our VTLOG Page - https://alliance.vtlog.net
Visit our TruckersMP Page - https://truckersmp.com/vtc/8037

Visit our Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/alliance_vtc

Visit our Website - https://www.alliancevtc.co.uk


Virtual Truckers Union
We've just teamed up with the Virtual Truckers Union The Virtual Truckers Union,

The VTU for short is a network that supports VTC's and is ran by the member VTC's in a democracy system, this is one of a kind union where the members run it.

We have access to a system that allows us to check applicants before they're accepted, which is pretty cool to be honest!

Virtual Truckers Union Discord - https://discord.gg/UyJJpQG
Virtual Truckers Union Website - https://virtualtruckersunion.net/


Need to get in touch?

You can contact me directly through the TruckersMP forums, or via Discord (ItsMeerken#0001)
Additionally, you can contact the VTC Management Team by joining our Discord server, which is listed above.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


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