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Christmas Convoy 22 December 2019 - Proudly Supporting Make-A-Wish!

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Dear TruckersMP Team,


thank for this amazing and fun Convoy! Yesterday was the best day I had for long. Some people would call me crazy - 12 hours of virtual trucking.

I started ETS at ~9am and closed it at ~11pm. And except some other people crashing into me, me hitting the back of others, because of the winter physics, and some game-restarts because of the "F1-bug" it was a wonderful day.

I'm sad that I was not able to donate, because you could only pay with credit card, not even with PayPal!?

But I enjoyed the whole event from route 1 to 5. This Christmas Convoy was much bigger than the one in 2018. And I guess the one in 2020 will be even bigger.


I know that we are a strong community... but without the TruckersMP Team we wouldn't be able to experience something like this.




              So a big thank you to the developers, supporters, translators, game moderators, event team and so on....


                                                                                                 ...especially @Digital....


                                                                                      THANK YOU!



Looking forward to a 2020 where TruckersMP will get even bigger, stronger and better!!!

Also merry christmas to those who are celebrating it. 😉



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Hello TruckersMP,


First a big compliment for the event that you did on December 22nd. It was an honor for me to ride there. But my experiences overshadow the convoy. Halfway before Warsaw, I was involved in an accident and had to end the game because it got stuck. What was left was a total loss and the frustration that I waited and drove for almost 2 hours for free. It was such a nice event, but the ruthless drivers unfortunately didn't make my experience any better.


On YouTube I put a video online that shows my complete journey and all the ruthless drivers.



I apologize for my worries, but it is annoying that such an event is being exploited. It's not a racetrack.

Bye Bye

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