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are you even able to login into TruckersMP ? Because WOTS is also ofline. 

this is my log of TruckersMP. Strange that it cannot open muted.txt file while its there. 






[12:05:38] <info> [http] Job: 'rules' finished, result: failed, error: [7] : Couldn't connect to server : Failed to connect to api.truckersmp.com port 443: Timed out

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My problem is solved!!! i have white listed Euro truck and it works also for TruckersMP. Its a bit strange because i had diasble my firewall and that doenst work at all.


For those getting a time out error, try to check your security settings


Bellow SCS email:



The game executable is changed during the update - as such network rules for it may be invalid for the new (changed) executable.

Logs themself are pointing to the fact that the game is unable to connect to our servers - this is usually causing by the security software denying the access.

Please try adding the game executables to the whitelist in your security software and let us know if you are still seeing issues.

Best regards,
SCS Software Tech Support


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List of changes from 21st December 2019:

  • Revived snowing effect for both games.
  • Support for Frosty Winter Weather Mod for both games.
  • Support for new American Truck Simulator's Utah DLC.
  • Support for rewards from World of Trucks Christmas 2019 Event.
  • Support for new trailers introduced in American Truck Simulator v1.36.
  • Added Christmas Convoy 2019 content.
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