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Suggestion Name: as the title

Suggestion Description: This is the system that you think would be better if you added it from the event server.

Any example images: None

Why should it be added?: I've always thought about it for a better escort while holding many events.



Here's an example I've been thinking about.


1. Request for change of nickname color to event server requester.

 - When requesting an event server, according to your manager, Manager want to know the event staff clearly.

   So, in the case of event staff, we usually write "Event Staff" on the tag.

   However, if you see the event staff without stopping, it is difficult to determine exactly.

   If you're not an event staff member of each team, I hope that at least as many nicknames as the event server requester can be colored so that the participating team, individual participants, and administrators can recognize them.


2. Added notification commands only from the event server.

 - Event servers often have server requests centered around them, guiding them through server notifications. But sometimes, it's hard to command a regular chat. ( ex. If the port of Calais is the origin, no chat is visible in the city of Calais. )

   To supplement this, I would like to grant permission to event server requestors to write down announcements. (not red announcements like Game Moderator, but a system that can notify all users)

   You usually do events of the server, free roaming is prohibited. But when you lead a convoy, you often see Free-Roameras, so it's hard to control them.

   I hope that this will add further notice.


3. I hope that Tab will show all users who connect to the server only for the event server

 - As I mentioned earlier, Free-Roaming is prohibited on most event servers.

   In order to find these users, I want to know the location of all users on the server. (Press Tab to check the distance of all users, not just users, within 1km. )

   Once the system is introduced, it will not only prevent Free-Roamer but also provide more accurate information about users who have broken the rules.


4. When connecting to an event server with temporary rules, I would like you to let me know more about temporary rules, such as the notification that comes when the TrucksMP Rule changes.

 - Many event staff, or the master of each team, often write temporary rules when requesting an event server.

   However, there may be users who participate in events without reading these temporary rules properly.

   To warn you of these users first, we would like to have a temporary rule alert issued.


5. kick system modification - Kick automatically for user when a large number of reports are received.

 - For the first team to host the event, you may not be able to obtain support from the Game Moderator.

   TeamAudi's Alliance Clan Team Coupang also didn't get support because they didn't know how During the escort, the troller may interfere with the escort.

   Of course you can call us web-report, but at that time the escort event must be in progress, and we can't cut it off in the middle.

   In order to prevent this, I hope you can change the kick system and automatically click the user on the server if you receive a lot of reports.



Although not all of the parts I requested can be reflected in the event server, I thought it would be nice to have this added, so I came up with a suggestion.
Although my proposal may not be possible, I hope it will give you a chance to think about it.
I would like to thank you for all the TruckersMP Staff's efforts to keep TruckersMP clean.

Always have a good day.

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