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Plays.tv Announcement


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Seasons Greetings, Truckers!



For those affected, you may already be aware. The popular streaming site Plays.tv will be shutting their doors on December 15th, 2019. Your videos will be unaccessable starting on 15/12/2019. Since many of our members use Plays.tv to host their report evidence, this will directly effect you and TruckersMP. Below you can read what to do if you use Plays.tv to host your evidence.

From the time of this announcement and going forward, ALL Plays.tv reports in the report queue will be declined. We ask that you please re-upload your evidence to another streaming site if you wish for us to review your report. This will be reflected in the decline reason.


For those who have previously accepted reports on Plays.tv, you DO NOT have to download and reupload your evidence. While we do ask players to keep their evidence available for at least 30 days from the date that a ban expires, this will not apply to current Plays.tv evidence.


If you have a ban on your profile that contains Plays.tv evidence, it WILL NOT be removed when the evidence is no longer available after 15/12.

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below so we can address them.


Safe Travels,

TruckersMP Team



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Appeal your banSubmit feedback | Have a nice day.

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2 hours ago, DylanRees said:

I always used Plays.tv, but always uploaded the clips to YouTube. Using NVIDIA GeForce Experience now.

3 minutes ago, J.Luiz said:

How is Plays.tv different to Youtube? I always used YT.


Not saying it's any different. Just saying I always uploaded the clips to YouTube from Plays.tv, so this isn't gonna really effect me. Just happy now I don't have to mess around saving all of my clips from Plays.tv.

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9 hours ago, DylanRees said:


Não estou dizendo que é diferente. Só estou dizendo que eu sempre carregava os clipes no YouTube do Plays.tv, então isso não vai me afetar muito. Feliz agora, não tenho que mexer em salvar todos os meus clipes do Plays.tv.

I know, I didn't say you said it was different, I was just wondering if they are different and I thought that using it could solve my doubt.

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