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Hello, Truckers! 


I am pleased to present to you the VTC.World project.





What is VTC.World?


  • A community of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator players who are focused solely on the multiplayer TruckersMP.
  • Your career in TruckersMP multiplayer.
  • Network game profile VTC.World, which is stored on our servers.
  • Joint delivery with friends with the same cargo and route.
  • Always relevant cargos and jobs of the agencies.
  • Online map and friends on the map.
  • Events, organised by the administration and Virtual Transport Companies.
  • A complete history of your deliveries.
  • Trucking Match Rating (TMR) — the rating of your deliveries.
  • Reputation of players in the VTC.World project.
  • Protected from the changes from outside the game profile.
  • Changed economy, police and fines.
  • Accounting for damage, speed violations and running red lights.
  • Built-in online radio player.
  • Keyboard shortcuts complement the gaming experience with TruckersMP.
  • In-game overlay, friends on the server, upcoming events and friends on the map.
  • TOP of players per day, week and month in six nominations.


VTC.World — for real fans of cargo transportation


First of all, it must be said that this project is not suitable for everyone, because here it is necessary to deliver cargos and drive carefully — you will play the game as it was intended by SCS Software. If you are a fan of collective farm tuning, you want to get everything at once and, of course, a fan of driving fast — then this project is definitely not for you.


What will you get when you register?


After registering on the VTC.World project:


  • you will get a brand new game profile that has 4 level/skill points that can be used at your own discretion. The starting capital is 120 thousand euros for ETS2 and 135 thousand dollars for ATS. It is forbidden to cheat money and gaming experience, and attempts to do so will be severely punished - permanent ban from the project without the possibility of appeal.
  • storing the profile on the server. This allows all players to be on an equal level, where you can build up a new and powerful truck only after you earn money and increase your level by transporting dozens of goods and driving thousands of kilometers.
  • your current progress is automatically saved and you can see detailed information about each cargo delivered by you at any time. You don't need to upload screenshots, fill out reports, etc. On VTC.World you just transport cargos and enjoy by that without unnecessary manipulation, and the system will do everything itself.
  • your friends can join you at any time, taking your cargo and getting the same saved route so you can continue the journey in a convoy.
  • for VTCs there are planning arrangements, this is a simply indispensable tool, allowing reduced time for preparation and organisations of convoys. Logisticians need to choose the cargo, route and make a save. After that, VTC employees, by pressing just one button, will be at the start position of the convoy with the necessary cargo and the route set.
  • hotkeys, information and your own overlay allow you to control the process of your delivery. What are the hotkeys? Well, for example, by clicking on the button you can update the jobs, if suddenly they are not on the list in your chosen city.
  • disabled the ability to lend money from the bank.
  • disabled the ability to hire drivers.
  • changed the cost of buying and selling garages. The cost of selling a garage is less, and buying a garage online is more expensive.
  • changed the cost of fines and the impact of traffic violations on the game level. In contrast to the basic economy of the game, in addition to monetary penalties for traffic violations, on the VTC.World, the player loses game experience (XP).
  • some gameplay settings are also changed so that all players are on an equal level. Always on: police (traffic violations), realistic fuel consumption, parking brake when appearing in the game world, speed limits, preferred route - optimal.
  • TOP rating 10 and TOP rating 50 in six nominations. TOP rating of the players of the day, week and month are available.


Suppoted languages


  • Russian
  • English




  • To be able to play with a VTC.World profile, you must have a game time of at least 50 hours for Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator on Steam.
  • Your friends list and the time spent in the games in the Steam privacy settings have to be available to everyone (i.e. set to public).
  • Arcade servers are not supported.


The benefits of VTC.World


  • For VTCs, it is a great tool to see the real achievements of your employees. And given the future functions - it will simply be an indispensable tool for the organisation of convoys in your company.
  • For single players - it will also be interesting, because the temptation to cheat money and level will be less - this simply can not be done, which means you will need to competently choose loads, distances and routes, controlling your costs.


Well, actually, it is better to try once, as they say.


Therefore, if you are interested in the project — welcome to open beta testing - https://vtc.world


Useful links


VTC.World forum - https://forum.vtc.world

FAQ - https://forum.vtc.world/index.php?/forum/118-guides-faq/

Discord - https://discord.gg/9By8Hkf


Useful video


How to join to friend for joint delivery




Indicator of high beam headlights and of additional lights




Ability to create invites for joint delivery




Joint deliveries via invites




Players joint to event




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We started using this app with my vtc members. We're using this from last week and we didn't saw any issue about it. Whenever i have a question i always contacted with Alex and he helped me every single time. Players who wants to play this game with simulation standards should use this app and i am hundred percent behind of it, i'll highly suggest that. I hope more people will use this app and people start playing this game properly. I want to say huge thanks to you and Alex for making this app.

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Dear friends, today we have reduced the number of hours needed to start a career in our project. Now to be able to play with a VTC.World profile you must have game time at least 50 hours for Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator in the Steam.

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Hello VTC.World Team,


Thank you for your involvement into ETS2MP ! Great job done so far !
One single question :

--> Do you plan to make VTC.WORLD compatible with trucksbook ? Unfortunately, after severals tests, all my deliveries do not appear on my trucksbook profile... Any news on that point ?


Thank you, and keep going forward ! 



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Hello @Chris [FR], thank you for feedback. 


Since VTCW prohibits third-party applications from accessing its profile, and saves do not contain all statistical information to lowest the weight of save files, we cannot provide compatibility with TrucksBook at these moment. Also, I can't guarantee that this will be possible in the future, since TrucksBook needs access to the save files that can't be granted.

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Hello community,

On 1st February, we invite you to the open convoys in honor of the anniversary of the VTC.World release in open beta testing.
We have planned 2 events for you in Euro Truck Simulator 2 on the dedicated TruckersMP server.

Server name: VTC.World 1 Year OBT

More information in our topic of these events:

We will be happy to meet you at our events on 1st February!

Kind regards,
VTC.World Team

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