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Steam profile picture should be completely seperate from TMP

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Suggestion Name: title


Suggestion Description: I recently got banned for inappropriate STEAM avatar which is allowed on steam. Steam states as long as it's not offensive or vulgar it's allowed. It was a form of a political figure which TMP doesn't allow but steam does so I was banned for that. Of course I changed it after I got banned but it was an inconvenience. It's stupid that you get banned for a profile pic that's allowed on steam but not on TMP. What I mean by separate is you start with a default profile picture on TMP just like steam and TMP doesn't use your steam profile pic. You can change it to whatever you want on the TMP website. There will be a reminder on what's not allowed of course.


Any example images: Example of steam's profile picture rules: http://prntscr.com/q7n6q4 Example of TMP: http://prntscr.com/q7n8jd (just look at parts not covered with black)


Why should it be added?: As you can see in the screenshots the steam and TMP profile picture rules are way different and that's why it should be seperate so you don't get banned for a profile picture that's allowed on steam but not truckersmp. It's unfair that you get banned for that.

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