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Where did the promods servers go´?


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On 12/10/2019 at 1:01 PM, dragonslayingmaster1000 said:

I don't get how people don't understand that promods needs to update in order for TMP to be able to support it. Please stop replying on this thread they already got their answers.


There is a very big announcement on the TMP website about promods. It contains a link on how to start playing TMP with Promods.


As a former promods player, I was interested, so I followed all the instructions. Result: promods + TMP not working.


The point is, the instructions are very clear, but do not mention anything about supported versions or current compatibility. It's just a very big "hey we now support this" announcement, while actually it is not supported. The "supported" comes with too many undocumented if's and then's. A normal player should not be searching the forums to figure this out.


Another point is, that I have the feeling that many will be looking into promods, because normal TMP play has become almost impossible. I just joined for two sessions, to get intentionally rammed three times in a row. I hoped this has became less, since I stopped playing TMP a couple of months ago after 100k+ km's of online driving. Obviously it didn't. Promods is hopefully better quality and populated (sufficiently) by nicer people.


Still, it seems we'll all have to wait some more for the 1.36 support.

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