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Mouse Stuttering - Caused by ETS2?

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Hi all,

Wonder if anyone could help or if anyone has had a similar issue. I have a Razer Lancehead (Torument Edition) wired mouse. While playing ETS2 after a brief period the mouse starts lagging and stuttering across the screen. In game and also outside the game If I alt + tabbed out. When the mouse is moving any sound also starts to stutter as well. The only way I can fix it is by 1) Unplugging the Mouse, Plugging it back in but that is a short term fix as it will start to work again but will stop after a short period. Or restart the PC. This only affects the mouse - I currently use an Xbox Controller and the thumb stick for the camera continues to work just fine and is smooth.

I do play other games on this such as Call of Duty, Flight Sim and others and none of them have caused this issue so far.

Anyone else had a similar problem?

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I don't think it would be dust or anything like that due to the fact it only happens when playing ETS2. Any other time in normal desktop mode while on the internet etc or playing other games the problem seems to arise. I did update the Razer software last night so I shall see if that makes any difference. It is a bit of an odd one really and there doesn't seem to be many triggers for it to happen apart from truck sim. 

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