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[15th February 2020] 1st Anniversary of China Fenghuo Club

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1st Anniversary of China Fenghuo club



 On the first anniversary of the establishment of China Fenghuo club, we decided to hold the first anniversary escort activity and hope to invite more teams to participate in our activities.

     Activity name:1st Anniversary of China Fenghuo club 

Activity date:2020.02.15

Set time:12:30 PM UTC

Start time:11:00 AM  UTC

starting point:Mannheim

Objective point:Calais

Route length:852KM


road map:https://ibb.co/BtXTMZn



Looking forward to your participation



Captain of China Fenghuo Club——RYZEN








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1 hour ago, [Chenxi/COO]*Sange said:

Congratulations to our friends for their first anniversary  🇨🇳  🎉


1 hour ago, Beacon-001 RYZEN said:



1 hour ago, [Chenxi/COO]*Sange said:



9 minutes ago, [Chenxi/EM]*Edmund said:

我希望这次活动取得圆满成功。 🎉

Thank you very much for your congratulations.

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