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Remake/update §3.4 - Trailer combinations*

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Suggestion Name: Remake/update §3.4 - Trailer combinations*

Suggestion Description: 



It is only permitted to use a trailer combination which is default within each game. (I think: Maximum 2 trailers)
The maximum length of any trailer combination must not exceed the length of the longest default combination (Makes me now think: triple trailers allowed, if length is within HCT)

But, ofcourse, if you look at the trailer comibnation picuture, then no, triples aren't allowed


I'm not using triples, but I've reported alot and they've been banned for it. (Maybe, because of the confusion in this rule)


Yesterday I wrote to a player in-game, that triples are illegal, he answered: They are not, look up the rules
I checked the rule. And I was like: He's right, atleast, with his trailers (Because they're shorter than HCT (3 short/small trailers))


Today, I found an answer from support on a forum post:
It is allowed to take double trailers anywhere on the Map. Base map as well as ProMods map, there are no restrictions. However, Triple Trailers are not allowed at all.



So you' might need to add: 


Triples are NOT allowed, AT ALL on ETS



Why should it be added?: Then nobody that reads this rule can be confused. If they can, well, I'll be ready to report whoever I find. And then they'll just learn it that way


Best Regards

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