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3 Million Users

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Wow that’s amazing. Congratulations! 

I have been here since 2015 and it was always fun to be around here.

Thank you to all the staff that made all this possible!


For everybody who wants to enter the giveaway:


Don’t forget to add #3milliongiveaway


Good luck everybody!

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3 million, a very large sum, for 5 years many have changed for the better and very few in the river. I've had a lot of memories on TruckersMP and I'll still have it. In my opinion, TruckersMP is a platform that thanks to any Trucker, wants to fly or race, has arches, wants to go through traffic, has Simulation, wants Promods, has that too. There are small bugs that will surely be resolved in time. It's fast and at 4 million. Thank you TruckersMP for giving us a Ets2MP platform, if you weren't, we were still playing Singleplayer. #3milliongiveaway

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