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Poll for beeing able to reconnect ingame  

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Hello I have an Idea to improve gameplay:


Suggestion Name:  Ingame Reconnect

Suggestion Description: An Button or command ingame that alllows you to reconnect to the server without restarting the game and/or reloading the map

Any example images:  -

Why should it be added?: So you dont have to restart the game if you get kicked because your afk for example. It can also help for bad pc´s so they can load in and just reconnect without loading the map again.

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Hello @butilka123,


First of all, thank you for taking your time, writing this suggestion. It shows that you care about this community and it's future! 


Unfortunately I have to inform you that this suggestion and has been already proposed  before and is on our "Frequently Suggested Things" list,  which can be found here: 


Because of that,  I'll be rejecting this suggestion, to keep our forum organized. 


If you'll have any further questions, don't hesitate to send me a private message! 



Chris[PL] TruckersMP Community Moderator



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