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Sleep modification in promods.

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Me and my friends love the new promods server, but we run into some problems when trying to find cargo to the same cities together. I tried googling a fix for this and most suggestions were something along the lines of either try to sleep and get new missions.

At first this sounded like a great idea, because of the fact that we could just sleep and get new jobs. We quickly found out you can't sleep more than 2-3 times before not being able to rest anymore.

I have absolutely no idea if this idea is possible or not but I thought I might as well share our thoughts.

Suggestion Name: Infinite sleep

Suggestion Description: Add a way to let your sleep not get higher than around 60%, this way you can keep sleeping till you get a job you and your friends like. This doesn't apply in the normal map, because used World of trucks for that. 

Any example images: non appicable

Why should it be added?: I think it would really help finding jobs for you and your friends.

Again I don't know anything about modding and stuff so I have no clue if this is possible. 

Thanks for your consideration of my suggestion.


Best regards,


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