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Combination Server, Euro Truck Simulator 2 + American Truck Simulator

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Suggestion Name: As the title.

Suggestion Description: I would like to have a server that combines ETS2 and ATS.

Any example images: N / A

Why should it be added?: TruckersMP servers currently support multiplayer services for ATS and ETS2. However, if you look at the server status, you can see that ATS plays only a very significant number of people compared to ETS2. If a new server with the combined ETS2 and ATS is opened, many users will be able to play ETS2 and enjoy ATS as they move to the ATS area through Ferry. Even when the promods and TruckersMP are compatible, it seems possible that the technology can be entered into the server if certain conditions are met. Also, if ATS and ETS2 are combined, more users will enjoy the game.

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