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Notification message for missing Promods file and no DLC


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Suggestion Name: As the title.

Suggestion Description: Send notification

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Why should it be added?: As Promods is compatible with TruckersMP, many players are enjoying Pro Mode. But often, there are many promods application errors or questions posted on the TruckersMP forum. I would like to suggest one to prevent this problem. 


1. Display a message if the DLC is not recognized

 - If you have downloaded all Promods mode files and you do not have all the map DLCs (this includes Scandinavia DLC, Going East DLC, Vive le France! DLC, Italia DLC, Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC), Does not. So if you find that a DLC is not owned on TruckersMP, it would be nice to let them know about the DLC you don't have.


2. If Promods Files Are Insufficient, Message Pops Up for Missing Files

 - When you download Promods with the current paid version, you need to apply 15 mod files. However, when downloading a mod, many users do not receive a def file, so many users do not apply Promods. So I would like to add a system to report missing mod files.





I think of it in this case. If you solve this case alone, many players will be able to resolve the error quickly. Thanks to all the administrators who always manage TruckersMP and multiplayer.

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