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[REJECTED] Longyearbyen Secret Road Route Guide

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Longyearbyen area in Norway(Svalbard) has a secret way.

Proper passage through this path leads to the beach. 

But to get to the beach you have to go through the maze.

But the maze is complicated, so I've written this guide. 

I hope a lot of users will help you with this guide. :)




If you get a two-way street, follow these route:




1. Go Straight

2. Turn Right

3. Go Straight

4. Go Straight

5. Go Striaght

6. Turn Left

7. Go Straight

8. Go Straight

9. Turn Right

10. Turn Right

11. Go Straight

12. Turn Left

13. Go Straight

14. Turn Right

15. Turn Left

16. Turn Right

17. Turn Left

18. Turn Right

19. Go Straight

20. Go Straight

21. Go Straight

22. Turn Right

23. Turn Right

24. Turn Left

25. Go Straight

26. Turn Right

27. Turn Left



At the very end, you have to speed up. If there is not enough speed, the trailer will get stuck.


If you want to know the video, please refer to the video below.




Time Stamp


20:00 - Starting the Secret Road


51:20 - Why you should have enough speed.


52:20 - The right way to arrive


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