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Rules for the mountain road near Kirkenes

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Rules for the Kirkenes quarry road 



It has come to me that the quarry road near Kirkenes is becoming a log jam and part of this is due to players taking doubles there, and sightseeing, thus what should be a 20 minute trip is taking over 2 hours, a lot of this is because players not giving way on the bends, and having a "I'm in a 750 8x4 I have priority" attitude.


So, perhaps a kick zone for doubles like we had in the West of Germany.  (But only on the mining road itself as the Kirkenes to Murmansk road is actually probably okay for doubles. 


In addition if it can be made so on the steep hills, only 1 truck per time on the hills, one goes up, the truck at the top and behind wait, after which the truck at the top comes down, then the next truck goes up.  This is so that if anyone has to roll back in order to take another run at it they can without someone being behind them. 


On the bends, again only 1 truck at a time as players have a habit of trying to force themselves through,  and the bends are wide enough for 1 truck only, so whoever is leaving the mine having right of way, however the same again, one truck rounding at a time, and so the waiting player stop a truck and a half length from the corner to allow the person on the corner to get back into the correct Lane as trucks take up the entire bend.


Once the truck on the bends has cleared the bend, the truck waiting begins to go around the bend. The player behind the truck that had been on the bends previously waits their turn.



To help the free flow of traffic on an extremely challenging road and prevent jams 


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