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ProMods release

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Hello everyone! A few weeks ago we announced that we are doing the final work on making ProMods compatible with our mod. Today we're happy to announce that the day you've all been waiting for is fina

Out of bounds is counted as somewhere you cannot access without getting there via a teleport method or similar, if you can drive off the edge of a mountain to get off the "official" map then you won't

Middle East is supported, but you don't need to do anything with the mod manager to play online. You only have to put the files in the mod folder and the TMP Client will do the rest. The mod manager i

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So MIddle East add on is supported for TruckersMP ?...…. even though its v2.41 ?


So in our Mod Manager what is the load order to run TruckersMP with ProMods ?


Top to Bottom as you see it


Middle East Def & Map

Middle East Assets

Promods 2.42 Def

Promods 2.42 Map

Promods 2.42 Model 1

Promods 2.42 Model 2

Promods 2.42 Model 3

Promods 2.42 Media

Promods 2.42 Assets


Is this the load order we are all putting in our manager ?

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I thought TMP will provide only one server for Promods but luckly there are two. I am glad that i can finally play Multiplayer in promods. On thing i have noticed is Frames are dropping almost 50%. If it is the case medimum and low end pcs will die. 

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