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ProMods release


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So MIddle East add on is supported for TruckersMP ?...…. even though its v2.41 ?


So in our Mod Manager what is the load order to run TruckersMP with ProMods ?


Top to Bottom as you see it


Middle East Def & Map

Middle East Assets

Promods 2.42 Def

Promods 2.42 Map

Promods 2.42 Model 1

Promods 2.42 Model 2

Promods 2.42 Model 3

Promods 2.42 Media

Promods 2.42 Assets


Is this the load order we are all putting in our manager ?

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I thought TMP will provide only one server for Promods but luckly there are two. I am glad that i can finally play Multiplayer in promods. On thing i have noticed is Frames are dropping almost 50%. If it is the case medimum and low end pcs will die. 

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