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Do you report unintentional ramming?


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16 hours ago, [RLC] LetiFreshi said:

Exactly, the Kirkenses road is getting busier and busier. Some people seem to enjoy being in a traffic jam. It is your own decision to drive this road. You can still decide to drive another route. You also have the opportunity to drive on Sim2 or in the Single Player. 
Therefore I think a traffic control wouldn't be really helpful on this road. 


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I just had this situation.

I had my first ban last Sunday. I didn’t even noticed it because I didn’t had any time to play last week.

I got banned because I unintentionally rammed somebody.


It happened On the busy C - D Road and my FPS was low because of the busy traffic.

For those people who want to see the evidence Video just take a look at my punishment history.

there should be a Link to the evidence Video(NOT MY PERSPECTIVE) where I rammed him. BUT please also take a look at the comment section where I explained everything and apologized. There is also a Video Link from my perspective! 

I have already created an ban appeal, which was declined because the ban expired. I have already created an Feedback ticket.



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I don't record people because my pc is a potato but if I did record then I would let most unintentional ramming go unless they're driving too recklessly (for example, 30 km/h over speed limit on a corner because you should slow down). If they hit me but are driving at reasonable speeds I will let that go because if they're not driving recklessly it's 90% of the time not intentional and they made a mistake. I have caused some crashes before and people usually don't report me since I drive safe. I was banned only once for driving offenses but that was because of a bug/lag and imo wasn't my fault but only got reduced by a day when I appealed. Also it's good to see most people don't report people who ram on complete accident.

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On 10/19/2019 at 8:32 AM, [VIVA]TruckerGR said:

I only report people that dont apologize for their actions. You can even ram me head on if you say sorry we good 

Same here. I hate it when people cause damage to you because of their actions and they do not apologise.

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I only report those who are unlucky enough to disrupt my gameplay when I'm having a bad day. 9/10 times you can ram me and I'll just say "..." in chat and move on. But if you're ever that one guy who hits me, intentional or not, they will be reported via in-game report. Rarely I do website reports(with video) when the player in question is obviously trying to upset me or disrupt my gameplay. My last video ban on someone was 2018. The guy was unable to keep his speed, regularly dropping below 40kmh on a 60kmh. My speed never changed except to slow down and avoid. Whether it was intentional or not at that point didn't matter. I was just gonna take my 60kmh cruise all the way to Calais and be done for the day. Instead, he continually showed himself as a road hazard for me and others, and when he finally rammed me at the last fuel station before Calais, I had it. For over 5 minutes, he was a hazard, then finally hits me. Accident or not, he got reported and it succeeded.


TD;DR: Intention is irrelevant as long as my gameplay is not disrupted. If you somehow manage to ruin my day, you're getting reported.

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It depends, usually who does it, does it intentionally, then there I report it without thinking twice directly on the site so that the ban is guaranteed.
Otherwise, if I understand that it was not done on purpose, I pass it over but I register it anyway if he does it again the only one to the previous attempt in such a way as to make him extend the penalty.

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If it was an accident and i can see it is then no I would not, I normally record any ramming and review it before I report anyone, that goes for any report i do i always review it.


Mistakes happen and some don't need to be reported but some people jump the gun and report right away.  




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Depends on their behaviour...


When they apologize to me, i simply overlook it.

When they're toxic, i don't 

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I see that many are sure it is unintentional, I would like to see many videos about these, forget that many offenders are very astute in causing accidents with total subtlety. And the less experienced accept with greater indifference. Personally, whatever goes against the rules I report, I don't even waste time taking psychological readings of players.

There may be visible and felt nuances if the player has previously behaved well and even apologizes, but within civilized behavior before and after the accident or incident occurs, there is a greater chance of forgiving him. If we all abide by the rules, everything goes well, and those who are not even about to worry about the rules and respect other players, I also think I should not worry about them.

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Why is everybody so angry in this game?

First, i don´t even know what happened back there (two trailers on me, no collisions happened), i had just logged in and entered the empty highway (ghost mode) when suddenly this guy was overtaking me calling me a idiot and to check mirrors.


[09:19:15] Connection established!

[09:19:57] IK3R4B (2458): idiot

[09:20:01] IK3R4B (2458): look mirrors

[09:20:16] Junk (3634): shutup

[09:20:29] IK3R4B (2458): say that to the admin

[09:20:34] IK3R4B (2458): in the report

[09:21:44] Junk (3634): i was loogging in, in non collissions mode, and you are ausing teh idiot word. Explain that.


I have been playing for a few hours today and have already seen many cases escalating like this. Earlier today a guy got stuck on teh railroad gate near rotterdam, i went off road to avoid him, my long trailer hit him, then a guy on my back hit my trailer and got turned on the road, a few more trucks stopped behind us and while he was moving so we all could get unstuck people started making treats of reporting him lol.

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