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Always late???!



So i was palying ets2mp for few days without any problems, but today i went on a quick job and it was around 1 200 miles/kilometers. I was driving fast and tought i am gonna get there faster than i need to. When i came to the finish it says THAT I AM 102 HOURS LATE????!!!! then i started another job and went to f6 and saw that it only gives me 12 minutes to complete a 600km job??? what is problem here please help me i cant earn anything i am just loosing money...
Thanks! :D


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Hey @NuHaNoViCh :) 


When you start the Game first, you aren't logged onto the TMP Servers until you press drive or accept a Quick job.

But other than for your game, the time on the TMP Servers keeps running, so on the Server it's several days or weeks later than for your own game and once you join the Servers, your game will take over the Server's time. That's why your job is too late.

It is not recommended to do Quick Jobs in Multiplayer, you should either take a loan and buy your own Truck or play a bit more in Singleplayer, earn money that way and buy a Truck then.

Once you can take Jobs from the Freight Market the "Late delivery issue" will be gone :D 


Hope this helps :wub:

Kind regards


TruckersMP Trial Support

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