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ping people who are dangerous

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Suggestion Namedangerous people warning

Suggestion Description: A Banner, colored name or symbol in front of the name to show other players that someone was banned at the last week or two, or to show that a player has more then for example 5 bans (5 and more could get Yellow so you got a difference between players who got banned shortly and often banned players


Any example Images: banned.png
Why it should be added: it should be added so players who are not paying attention to the rules are shown to every player so they can be more carefull drivin around those, and also when everyone knows that you can get banners or colored names like this showing that you are ramming and doing bad things to players maybe they will stop chrashing and trolling. 

I took 2 examples of how it could look, if anyone has ideas tell me under the post :)


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